Frequently Asked Questions

Is XES sensual suitable for consumption?

Even though XES sensual is not a "food" in the true sense of the word, it guarantees the highest compatibility and safety during oral sex. Although it is not designed for consumption and cannot be considered a foodstuff, it is absolutely harmless if swallowed, just like lipstick and lipstick balm or toothpaste. It contains only natural ingredients from organic farming, which are also used in the food industry, and is free of preservatives, parabens, silicones, glycerin and other substances that are harmful to your health. The safety of XES sensual has also been certified by the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation Srl in Milan, Italy (ISPE), an accredited laboratory for cosmetic products.

Why is XES sensual not compatible with latex condoms?

Even if XES sensual is used with latex condoms, it has no harmful or allergenic effect unless you are allergic to latex. Incompatibility with latex is due to the fact that ALL formulas based on natural oils (including oily lubricants) can potentially affect the molecular structure of latex, increasing the risk of conception or infection by sexually transmitted diseases. XES sensual, on the other hand, can easily be used with polyurethane condoms.

What do I feel when using the XES sensual serum?

The formula of XES sensual has a balanced content of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and terpenes, as well as other ingredients. XES sensual has been developed with high bioavailability in mind, as well as optimal absorption through the mucocutaneous transitions in the vaginal area, an erogenous zone of the female body rich in cannabinoid receptors. When the serum is gently applied to the clitoral head and the labia majora and labia minora with the XES ErgoApplicator, you will feel an even and intense arousal that will provide a unique, relaxing and pleasurable sexual experience.

One XES ErgoApplicator contains 5 ml of Serum XES sensual - how many doses are contained in one package?

The serum XES sensual is a very effective lubricant thanks to its stimulating texture, but at the same time it is much more. A small amount is enough to obtain a stimulating effect, while at the same time it has moisturizing and softening properties. Each time you press the XES ErgoApplicator, 0.23 milliliters of serum are released. One to two doses are recommended for each "intercourse", depending on the duration, intensity and number of female participants. In the end, one of the 24 doses of 5 ml XES sensual will cost you not much more than two Euros...

Can XES sensual cause allergies or skin irritation?

XES sensual has been tested by the independent Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation Srl in Milan (ISPE) in accordance with the European Cosmetic Directives. The tests have shown the best possible results in terms of irritability and allergy risks. According to the latest scientific studies, cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG have a calming effect on irritated skin. In addition, XES sensual is free of silicones, preservatives, parabens, and synthetic or potentially irritating chemicals such as glycerin (many gynaecologists, for example, advise patients with recurrent yeast infections against using glycerin-based lubricants).

Can I insert the XES ErgoApplicator into the vagina or anus?

XES sensual is the first cosmetic product specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and labia. It forms an integrated system of serum and ErgoApplicator XES. The XES ErgoApplicator was developed according to biomechanical findings especially for the stimulating application in the erogenous zone of the clitoris and vagina, as well as the outer and inner labia. The serum is a cosmetic product and, like all cosmetic products, has been tested for use on the skin and external mucous membranes. XES sensual consists only of natural, non-toxic ingredients. We have been told of positive experiences with the use of the ErgoApplicator in the vagina and anus, but we would like to advise against such use here, as neither the XES ErgoApplicator nor the serum are registered as "medical devices" within the meaning of European regulations.

Can I use the XES ErgoApplicator with different partners?

In the development of the XES ErgoApplicator, great attention was paid to maximum compatibility with different shapes of clitoris and vagina, as well as to hygiene, safety and practical use. The airless pump system is equipped with a "vacuum barrier" as protection against the spread of micro-organisms. You should therefore always ensure adequate hygiene and clean the external surfaces of the XES ErgoApplicator before and after each use with non-corrosive disinfectants, as is usual when using all types of sex products alone or with different partners.

Is the XES ErgoApplicator rechargeable?

No. The XES ErgoApplicator not only has stimulating properties but also guarantees the highest level of hygiene and safety. It is filled with serum in an aseptic environment using high-quality industrial processes in accordance with the European Cosmetics Directives. Refilling the XES ErgoApplicator in a non-sterile, uncontrolled environment can increase the risk of contamination with bacteria, dirt particles and hazardous substances.

Why is it necessary to pump several times when using the XES ErgoApplicator for the first time before dispensing the serum?

The XES ErgoApplicator has a capacity of 7.5 ml, but is only filled with 5 ml + according to the information on the packaging. It is therefore normal to press several times before dispensing the first dose.