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XES Sensual Stimulating Intimate Serum

XES sensual intensifies sexual feelings of pleasure

XES sensual is a stimulating intimate serum that invigorates sexual sensations and increases pleasure, and thanks to its stimulating texture, it is also a very pleasant and effective lubricant.

The patented formula of the serum with CBD and CBG has a positive effect on sexual sensations and promotes the achievement of orgasm.

Applying it with the unique XES applicator, a uniform and intense arousal is felt.

XES sensual - individual and unique like every woman

XES sensual is applied evenly to the clitoris and the inner and outer labia with the special XES applicator. Through the touch, an intense arousal is felt and the pleasure sensation is increased. The XES applicator is not inserted into the vagina and is for external use only. XES sensual is also suitable for oral sex.

Dosage recommendations per application:
Single: 1-2 dosages
Pairs: heterosexual 2-3 dosages
Pairs: lesbian 2-4 dosages
(One applicator contains about 10-12 dosages)

XES serum for sexual well-being